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New from the creators of  HOODIES Nitrous Mask liners, DOTS Composite Condensing Dots , BAG IT cassette sterilization bags comes BUFFIES the first viable disposable rag and buff wheel.

Eliminate the most contaminated area of your office… The dirty wet cotton buff wheel breathes of laden bacteria. The lathe buff/rag wheel has been shown the biggest link to cross contamination between patients in the dental office.


Buffies are one time disposable made out of an antibacterial synthetic material…simply polish and dispose …buffies polish to a high luster on lathe high speed or “mush” out on slow speed to to get to those hard to polish areas

Use a buffie with pumice or compound then dispose …, replace with a new contamination free buffie and ready for the next patient…

Buffies are available in two sizes…3″ for those small hard areas to reach and 4 ½” for those larger jobs!

Try them both , you will be pleasantly surprised


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